Okay1 Hotel & Spa would like to express a deep “Thank you” for staying with us and we hope you have a nice stay. Please observe the following rules to ensure a pleasurable experience for all guests:

  • All guest may check-in on arrival  

  • Cooking and ironing are not permitted in the room.

  • Our guest house only takes responsibility for personal items deposited with our reception staff and is not responsible for personal items left in the room (If any).

  • Guests are responsible for any damages caused to guest house property.

  • Because of the hazard, there is “No Smoking” in any of our rooms.

  • Please turn off the water and all electric equipments before leaving the room.

  • Please leave your room key at the reception desk when you leave the hotel, guests are invited to check all your personal belongings before check-out

Addition: Laundry service is available at the price of 1Kg = USD1.00
Thank you for your attention.

Okay 1 villa